Month: February 2016

The Right to Bear Life

By NICK JUNKERHow many of these tragedies need to occur for the American people to take a definitive stance in banning the usage of these demonstrative weapons? Now is the time to discuss the problem that has been burdensome for too long. Assault weapons currently account for 1.7%of […]

Trump vs. Pope Tensions Ignited

By CHRIS CARRANZAThis past week, Pope Francis  made a comment stating that Donald Trump is not a true Christian, because he wants to build a giant wall. Trump’s immediate response was that the Pope should not be questioning someone’s Christianity. One thing Trump ignored was the fact the […]

Celebrations Around the World

By MONICA MIKHAIL With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we began to see stuffed animals, red roses and hundreds of boxes of chocolate everywhere around us. However, did you ever think if this is the same way all other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are the different […]

CV Teacher Feature: Mr. McGrath

By LAYLA ABBAS Ken McGrath is one of the most liked teachers Citrus Valley has the honor of having. He cares a tremendous amount for his students and is a phenomenal teacher to have with his years of experience. McGrath has been teaching for 16 years. McGrath has […]

NBA Trade Deadline Completed

Halftime By RYAN ARANDA Thursday, Feb. 18 acknowledged an important date around the National Basketball Association, as it marked the final date that allowed any trades for the remainder of the season. Many moves were made around the league, and with these trades came both winners and losers […]

REV Girls Soccer Wins CBL

By PAUL VILLAGRANA The last time that the Redlands East Valley girls soccer team won a Citrus Belt League title was in 2010. Now six years later, the team has recaptured that honor after finishing the regular season with a league record of 10-3-1, leading RHS by just […]

REV’s Bowman Commits to BYU

By RYAN ARANDA On Feb. 3, 2016, Redlands East Valley’s star soccer player, Danika Bowman, signed with Brigham Young University for the upcoming season. Having already announced her decision as a sophomore, the Wildcat would make her commitment with the university official on this year’s National Signing Day. […]

The Compassion Experience 

By ALYSSA OUILLETTE The Compassion Experience is a unique and uplifting opportunity that allows people to experience the global poverty that children face all over the world. This event is free, and great for a family to experience together. The exhibit travels to different areas over the weekends […]

REV ASB Sells Valentines

By BELLA HANLON​REV’s ASB sold items for Valentine’s Day. During the week leading up to this special day, the freshmen sold candy grams while the seniors sold roses. The freshmen sold over 50 candy grams and the seniors sold two dozen roses. The profit of these fundraisers goes […]

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dies

By NICK JUNKEROn Feb. 13, 2016, a man whose conservative theories almost single-handedly changed the scope of the Supreme Court died of natural causes. This man’s name was Antonin Scalia. As soon as Scalia entered the Supreme Court, he immediately made the type of impact that Richard Nixon […]

Column: Three Words to Live By

Live to InspireBy LAYLA ABBASCompassion. Respect. Love. These three simple words are the most under appreciated concepts in today’s society. These three simple words are the most complex for people to understand. The world is acclimated to heinous crimes and witnessing people who release hate as much as […]

Kings Come Calling

By NICK JUNKER​Kings discover new found success from unlikely sources. The Sacramento Kings have been an essential part of the NBA, as pioneering members, who have been more infamous for changing franchise names than being actually successful. In the past nine seasons alone, the Kings have had a record of 244-478 (0.510). Simply put, they have […]

REV Teacher Feature: Mr. Berman

By AARON ANDREAS and ANDRES DOWNEY On the outskirts of the Redlands East Valley High School’s campus, lies room E120, home to AP literature and Composition teacher Mr. Berman. He is involved in a multitude of clubs at REV, and he serves as the advisor for Academic Decathlon, […]

DIY Valentine

Materials needed:Jolly RanchersLollipop sticks Lollipop wrappersRibbon/string​GlovesBowl of hot water​Instructions Place the Jolly Ranchers in the bowl of hot water. Only insert what you will use. Pictured is 7 Cherry Jolly Ranchers and 1 Green Apple, but I ended up using 9 Cherry and two Green Apple. If the […]

Coloring Never Gets Old

For the Creative Soul By: KATHERINE SNAVELY          You are never too old to color. There is nothing better to me than to sit down with a new coloring book and pack of colored pencils while listening to music. If you love to do that also […]

REV’s Khris Vaughn Commits to UC Davis

Khris Vaughn (#11) pictured above. Photo by TANNIS VINES. By RYAN ARANDA On Jan. 14, 2016, REV football’s standout wide receiver, Khris Vaughn, made his long awaited commitment to the University of California, Davis. After receiving offers from multiple Division I colleges, Vaughn would officially sign with the […]

Column: The Courage of a Journalist

Perspectives from a Positively Stressed SeniorBy ANNIE DELGADOI have always been a good writer. Alongside history, English proved to be my best subject. I enjoyed writing, whether it was an assignment for school or a piece for my own personal pleasure. It was not until I joined a […]

REV ASB Hosts Blood Drive

By BELLA HANLON​On Jan. 29, 2016 Redlands East Valley held their second blood drive of the school year. 161 people signed up and gave blood, which means the school received $10 per unit ($1610). Now, many of you may not know, but the school must reach a goal […]

CV Speech and Debate Road to Nationals

Citrus Valley’s speech and debate team has had a year full of significant achievements and looks forward to continuing their success with nationals coming up. Miranda Thomson and Emily Fu are the debate captains and Lindsay Neighbors and Loren Bassil are the speech captains. Thomson stated that the […]

Clippers’ Star Reveals True Self

By RYAN ARANDAWho is Blake Griffin? To some, he’s the Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar basketball player, who is often seen posting impressive stats, executing entertaining dunks, and hitting clutch shots.  ​To others, he is viewed as the fake tough guy who appears on car commercials and receives no […]

Column: Inspiration Is Everywhere

Live To InspireBy LAYLA ABBASMany obstacles are thrown in our direction almost every day. The lesson that arises from difficult situations is how we bounce back from it. How do we accept what has happened and learn to move forward? Inspiration lies all around us. Students that we […]