Month: February 2016

The Right to Bear Life

By NICK JUNKERHow many of these tragedies need to occur for the American people to take a definitive stance in banning the usage of these demonstrative weapons? Now is the time to discuss the problem that has been burdensome for too long. Assault weapons currently account for 1.7%of […]

Trump vs. Pope Tensions Ignited

By CHRIS CARRANZAThis past week, Pope Francis  made a comment stating that Donald Trump is not a true Christian, because he wants to build a giant wall. Trump’s immediate response was that the Pope should not be questioning someone’s Christianity. One thing Trump ignored was the fact the […]

Celebrations Around the World

By MONICA MIKHAIL With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we began to see stuffed animals, red roses and hundreds of boxes of chocolate everywhere around us. However, did you ever think if this is the same way all other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are the different […]

NBA Trade Deadline Completed

Halftime By RYAN ARANDA Thursday, Feb. 18 acknowledged an important date around the National Basketball Association, as it marked the final date that allowed any trades for the remainder of the season. Many moves were made around the league, and with these trades came both winners and losers […]