Nestle’s Flaws are Exposed

The Court of Appeals rejected a bid to wave Nestlé’s child slavery case. Nestlé is the company of your favorite chocolate brands, such as Butterfingers, Crunch, Cookie Crisps, Häagen-Dazs, Kit Kat, and more. Nestlé imports their chocolate from the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

Three ex-child slaves came forward in their claims, saying that they were locked up in small rooms when they weren’t working, only fed scraps, and had their feet sliced open if they tried to run away.

The Ivory Coast has had an ongoing problem with child slavery, since the 60’s. Attempts to demolish child slavery has occurred, and has been making progress slowly.

Nestlé has been exported cocoa from the Ivory Coast aware of the child slavery problem, and provided the funds to not only continue the practice, but to expand even more. The three victims claim to come from Mali, about 700 miles away from The Ivory Coast.

The three labourers filed a lawsuit in California, in 2003, under Pseudonyms, claimed that the company was aware that the farms had child slaves, and continued to form business relationships with the farm owners.

In 2013, the Supreme Court determined that human rights violations could not be resolved in the U.S. if the violations occurred over-seas. However, the three plaintiffs had filed the lawsuit a decade earlier before. The federal appeals court hopes that the lawsuit will be amended, due to the new ruling in 2013.

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