Yoga Club at Citrus Valley

School without a doubt can cause stress like no other. Yoga club is a perfect escape to allow your mind to refocus and treat yourself to an hour of recentering after a long day. Yoga Club at Citrus Valley is run by Psychology and AP Psychology teacher, Carrie Safranek. Every Tuesday, after school she encourages students to set aside an hour for complete relaxation and exciting yoga poses.

With no yoga experience necessary, students of all levels are welcome to participate. Mrs. Safranek supplies the yoga mats and blankets to those who need it. Once the items are distributed, students make their way into the teachers lounge and prepare for a soothing experience.

Mrs. Safranek has participated in yoga for twelve years. Over the years she has acquired two yoga certificates from UC Riverside and is Yoga Alliance certified. When asked what her favorite thing about yoga is she replied with, “Yoga makes me happy.” Her favorite yoga pose is crow pose.

​Even with no yoga experience, students are welcome to join Mrs. Safranek every Tuesday after school for an hour of relaxation.

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