Homage to 2015

Jan. 16-The Supreme Court takes in cases challenging 4 states in their ban against same sex marriage. Ruling will be issued in June

1st – 31st Sundance Film Festival: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
Feb. 8th – 57th Grammy Awards: Best Song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, Best Album “Morning Phase” by Beck

Mar. 5th – Harrison Ford crash-lands his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR aeroplane in California
Mar. 6th – NASA’s Dawn spacecraft enters orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres
Mar. 9th – US President Barack Obama signs an executive order declaring Venezuela a national security threat to the US
Mar.10th – The family of Marvin Gaye win a record $7.3 million lawsuit for music copyright infringement against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I.


Apr. 23rd – Loretta Lynch is confirmed as the first African-American woman as US Attorney-General


May. 11th – Record price for a work of art at auction: Picasso’s The Women of Algiers (Version ‘O’) sells for US$179.3 million at Christies in New York


Jun. 2nd – US Congress passes new legislation to reform National Security Agency procedures, restricting gathering of phone records.
Jun. 22nd – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley calls for the removal of the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds in wake of killings in a Charleston church
Jun. 26th – US Supreme Court rules 5-4 same-sex marriage is a legal right across all US states


Jul. 14th – Scientists from the Large Hadron Collider announced the discovery of a new particle called the pentaquark
Jul. 16th – Scientists reveal 1st close-up pictures of Pluto, sent by the New Horizons probe
Jul. 20th – Hacker group the Impact Team announced they have hacked married dating site Ashley Madison
Jul. 23rd – NASA’s Kepler mission announces discovery of the most Earth-like planet yet – Kepler-452b, 1,400 light years from Earth


Aug. 6th – World’s largest ever Pinball tournament Pinburgh with 700 machines held in Pittsburgh


Sep. 3rd – Kentucky clerk in Rowan County jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
Sep. 14th – 14 year old Texan Ahmed Mohamed arrested at school when teacher assumed homemade clock was a bomb.
Sep. 22nd – Volkswagen admits that 11 million cars have been wrongly programmed to appear to emit less emissions than they are
Sep. 27th – A “Supermoon” coincides with a lunar eclipse creating a “Blood Moon” over much of the earth
Sep. 28th – NASA scientists announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars


Oct. 19th – US scientists from University of California find evidence life on earth may have begun 4.1 billion years ago, 300 million earlier than previously thought


Nov. 9th – San Diego’s SeaWorld announces it will overhaul its killer whale show after controversy over the whales treatment
Nov. 12th – Out Magazine names Barack Obama ‘Ally of the Year’, Obama becomes 1st sitting US President to pose for cover of a gay magazine


Dec. 2nd – Attack on a social services centre in San Bernardino, California kills 14 and wounds 17.

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