Citrus Valley Student Highlight: Maya Klaib


Maya Klaib

Students are involved in many activities in and outside of school. A particular student at Citrus Valley is extremely involved in her school and goes out of her way to help others as well. Maya Klaib is a phenomenal student inside and outside of her classes. She is the true embodiment of an all around great peer.

​Maya Klaib is a senior at Citrus Valley and is involved in numerous activities. Maya is the secretary of Arabic club, CASH tutor, and a tutor during lunch. She is apart of Discipuli, California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, and is in the top 1% of her class. She is in five AP classes this year, and still manages to help others every chance she can.

Maya plans on attending Cal State San Bernardino for undergraduates and University of Redlands for her masters. Maya’s extraneous list of activities was awarded through a full ride to Cal State San Bernardino.

Maya enjoys traveling, and just visited family in Lebanon this past winter break. She likes to read when she has time and loves spending time with her family.

Maya’s advice to future students is to discipline yourself to go to school everyday, complete all of your homework, and study. She recommends getting to know your teachers, and building strong communication with them. She encourages this because it will allow you to be comfortable with asking your teachers questions and getting extra help outside of class.

Maya recently was voted by her peers to be the most likely to succeed. We wish Maya the best of luck in her future and are proud that she is a representative of Citrus Valley.

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