Death Penalty is Unjust

Controversy is ubiquitous regarding the hot topic of the death penalty law and its justification. The death penalty is a long term punishment in the form of execution to a criminal who has committed a capital crime. Many arguments reside, whether the death penalty is a justifiable punishment for a criminal. There are a plethora of reasons as to why the death penalty is not a logical system.

The death penalty is way more expensive to carry out than a life sentence. Is it worth the amount of money to kill someone off when they can spend the rest of their lives suffering. The death penalty law needs to be abolished and life without parole should replace it.

I will begin with the amount of money it takes to carry out the death penalty system. Every year, approximately 114 million dollars is spent in order to carry out the death penalty system. This is 114 million dollars that could be going into education systems, homeless shelters, cure for cancer research, public safety ventures etc. This money should be put into improving our communities and the world that we occupy. We are watching money being thrown away every year that provide no clear benefits in return.

Justifying killing with more killing is redundant and serves minimal improvement to our society. If criminals faced life sentences instead of the death penalty, the outcome would be beneficial beyond imaginable. A study completed by the Sacramento Bee (1988) stated that California alone would save $90 million per year if the death penalty system was abolished.  Prison for life would ensure public safety knowing the criminal is forever jailed, and the money not used for expensive trials could be put to logical uses to better the community.

The death penalty also has the power of prolonging the emotional toll for the victims’ families. Many members of families, such as Vera Ramirez whose son was murdered opposes the death penalty. The death penalty reestablishes the suffering and pain for families who are going through a capital crime case. Trials reopen emotional wounds and can cause more detrimental pain to the families.

Taking a religious stance, many religious organizations oppose the death penalty. Religious organizations in opposition to the death penalty are: Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, and Interfaith organizations. Actions are completed through these organizations in the hopes of one day abolishing the death penalty system.

On a personal stance, sitting in jail for life is more of a punishment than the death penalty will ever be. With the death penalty, the criminal is not enduring a lifelong amount of pain as he/she should. Yes, pain is endured for a short period of time while the execution is in session, but the criminal is free from the pain after it is done. A criminal must feel the excruciating pain of being locked up for the remainder of life instead of being put to his/her death.

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