The Loss of A Legend

David Robert Jones (professionally known as David Bowie) died on Sunday January 10, 2016, two days after his sixty-ninth birthday.  Although the public was aware that Bowie was struggling with cancer for the past eighteen months, it was not released to the public the type of cancer Bowie had.  On January, 10th, David’s Facebook page read, “David Bowie died peacefully today, surrounded by his family.”  Since there have been so many social media hoaxes, his death needed to be officially confirmed by his publicist.  This was released on the morning of Monday, January, 11th.  No other details were included. Bowie had a huge influence in art, especially in music as a multi-instrumentalist. He released many rock hits that were influenced by different styles of music.  Aside from being a musician, David Bowie worked as an actor and a painter, and he had been a big name in the fashion industry. The English singer and songwriter left his impression on the world, and he had fun doing it. David Bowie was an inspiring artist, and he will always be remembered.

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