REV’s Ruhl Breaks Girls’ Basketball Scoring Record

On Friday, Jan. 8, 2016, the long-lasting Redlands East Valley girls’ basketball scoring record was broken.

The new leader, the team’s star point guard, Natalie Ruhl, came into the game knowing that she was going to break the record, which was a longtime goal, but she was more focused on getting the win for her team.

After the game was all said and done, she was excited that she had achieved a personal goal she had set for herself. Ruhl had her teammates and coaches to thank for helping her achieve this.

Though the scoring record was a great milestone to achieve, Ruhl’s ultimate goal for her team is to, “get a banner on the wall” whether it be from the playoffs or a CBL title. To help achieve these goals, she helps prepare the team and the newer players by giving them drills to work on and pushing them to work harder in practice.

Currently with a league record of 6-1, the team is on their way to competing for the CBL title they hope to get.
Being in her last year of high school, Ruhl hopes to continue playing basketball on a scholarship and to, “get a chemical engineering degree.”

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