Daily Art for Busy Lives

For The Creative Soul

This past Winter Break my sister received a book about creating art journals. In Gina Rossi’s book
No Excuses Art Journaling: Making Time for Creativity she explains how these journals are like a diary but filled with art.They have you do quick fun assignments weekly, daily and monthly to give you a way to dedicate at least some time everyday to doing something creative. It sounds like a lot but with an easy set up you will move on quickly and improve your artistic abilities along the way. So, even if you are busy, you will still have time to express yourself.

I have actually just started my own art journal, I think it’s fun, trying to think of new things to try out everyday. You set the journal up in any way you want, but they have guidelines to help you if you choose to go a similar way.For me, my Journal revolves around photography, because it’s my corner of interest, while my sister chose to do mostly watercolor. The choice is yours.

If you are interested in making your own art journal the materials are simple. First you will need a journal but not a blank one, a planner is a better choice due to the large space you will need for your daily assignments. Second, you will need markers, colored pencils, pens, or anything you want to decorate your journal with. Make it artsy, so colorful and creative that you can’t tell it’s a planner…if that’s what you want. As my sister says “Who is gonna stop you… it’s art.”

To break down the journal even more:

Monthly: The Author wants you to complete one big art piece monthly with a word as the theme. She gives you the word to help you with an idea of what to do. January is breathe so most of your art pieces can be of something that makes you relax. Some examples may include shrines or temples.

Weekly: You also need to make a small art picture weekly. Its really up to you what to do, Gina suggests to use the word of the month to inspire you with different ideas. For me i take photos, I take pictures of flowers or nature that make me feel relaxed

Daily: To me this is my favorite part, they have you answer four questions daily in creative ways. The first question is color pick a color that describes your day. Second is a word of the day. Third draw the weather. Last is a pattern, they want you to draw a pattern every day, whether you create it yourself or copy it from something you saw that day.

Here are a few examples of different art journals

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