America’s Obsession With Political Correctness

PC”– a term given a negative connotation seemingly too often in today’s society. Political correctness seems to be one of the largest problems the Republican Party has with many Democratic politicians. Many Republicans associate political correctness as a form of censorship that obstructs process. Republicans such as Donald Trump are hailed for not being afraid to be politically incorrect; they’re not afraid to “tell it how it is.” Republicans view being politically correct as a problem in America. 

But is political correctness really the problem?

America is plagued with a much larger problem in this society. A problem overlooked by republicans and democrats alike. This problem blatantly supersedes political correctness. This is a problem that is much worse than censorship. The tragedy is that this problem is perhaps one of the easiest to fix in this day and age. Yet people refuse to solve this problem when it is staring them straight in the face. 

The problem? Being correct in the first place. 

Republicans are quick to attack anything they consider politically correct, when instead the party should be focusing on the issue of being correct in the first place. The harsh rhetoric that many republicans use may be ‘telling it how it is,’ but there is often a point where the language goes from harshly truthful to offensive and degrading, and subsequently to just wrong.

Incorrectness plagues no political figure more so than it plagues Donald Trump. When Donald Trump says that Mexican immigrants are all drug dealers, criminals, and rapists, he is not telling it how it is or being brutally honest, he is blatantly telling it how it is not and being obscenely wrong. And somehow, Trump’s lack of fear in the face of political correctness is one of the keystones of his campaign. Donald Trump saying that China is creating global warming to damage the US economy isn’t being politically incorrect– it’s just being incorrect. 

Being politically correct isn’t limiting free speech. It is the belief of many that having to conform to leftist terms leads to censorship. But these people are doing something much more harmful than limiting free speech: they are spreading their messages of hate for all to hear. Many people who are representing entire towns, counties, districts, states, believe that by preaching hate they are somehow protecting their constituents. Representatives should be making it more of an issue to be all inclusive while fulfilling their civil service instead of picking a group to alienate, as per the norm today. 

Political correctness must become an issue for later. What America needs to focus on now is just being correct in general. Because what’s harmful isn’t changing your speech out of respect for someone else. What’s harmful is choosing words to alienate and discriminate. And even more harmful yet, choosing to be incorrect in the first place.    

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