The Purple Easel 

For the Creative Soul
    Purple Easel is a place that teaches you how to paint.  I have been there before and the outcome of your piece is amazing even if you think you can’t paint. Almost everyone attends the class because they think they can’t paint, but everyone’s picture including your own ends up looking great. Its awesome to see everyone do the same painting, go through the same steps but have them end up different, unique to each person. Every month has several different pictures to choose from. You simply find the picture you want to paint and sign up for it. When you get there they supply you with a canvas and an easel and all the other materials you need.They go through everything you will be doing before you start, what brushes you will use, where the water and paper towels are found. They take you step by step through the painting to help you create your masterpiece. You don’t always have to follow their instructions, if you are more comfortable with painting choose a different color, add another tree or anything else, it’s your painting! Purple Easels closest location is in Rancho Cucamonga. Take a look through the pictures on their website to see if  you want to try painting your own master piece.
    I went myself along with my sister to Purple Easel and did a painting called the Blue Lady, this was a difficult painting for me, because you are painting a lady, and I am not the best when drawing people. I always have to sketch something out before painting it. At Purple Easel you go straight to painting and it actually helps you become more confident. You just do it! I was totally amazed at how my painting turned out, I could have done better if I wasn’t so zoned in on the lady but still. I took the class thinking it was going to be super hard and ended up loving the time I spent there learning to paint it.
    As you can see my sister and I did the same paintings but you can definitely see a difference. It’s our own unique painting style that what make our art.. ours.

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