REV Water Polo Advances in CIF Playoffs

By Dominic Rios
The CIF water polo quarter final game was played on Nov. 14, 2015 between Redlands East Valley and Ayala.

The game had a sluggish start to it with neither team scoring in the first two minutes until an eighth player came on the field for Ayala forcing #2 to be rolled from the game and Ayala gave REV a chance to score on a five meter. The shot was taken by junior Jared Gornay who later scores four more of the Wildcat goals and putting REV up on the scoreboard 1-0 with 5:08 remaining in the first quarter.

Less than one minute later Jared makes another goal putting the Wildcats up 2-0.

Then, less than two minutes later personal foul was given up, giving Ayala a five meter giving Ayala a chance to make the score 2-1 only for the Freshman goalie Harrison Land to have an outstanding block keeping the Wildcats up 2-0.  

The second quarter started off like the first but two minutes in Ayala’s #8 puts a shot away making the score 2-1. Then REV countered the goal two minutes later with another goal by Jared Gornay.

Both schools put away one shot each late in the quarter, making the score 3-3 with less than a minute left in the quarter. Gornay soon scored another goal putting the Wildcats back up by one.

The third quarter was a turnaround point for Ayala with the Bulldogs putting away three shots, while the Wildcats put away yet another shot leaving REV trailing 5-6 going into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter the REV went down 5-7. Hope was slipping away with less than two minutes, it was the Wildcat’s ball, when the shot clock was getting close to expire when freshman Nick Flemington put the ball in the back of the net leaving the Wildcats down by one with 1:36 left in the fourth quarter.

Shortly later Jared got ejected, giving him his third ejection so he fouled out of the game with REV trailing by one with 1:14 put them in danger, until the goalkeeper, Harrison, stole the ball with 1:02 and head coach Ryan Williams called a timeout, hoping to score a goal on the next possession to tie the game.

Having no luck, the Wildcats lost possession, giving Ayala the ball with their 30 second shot clock and the game clock at 0:37, they decided to hold the ball for the whole shot clock. REV soon received possession with eight seconds left in the game down by one.

Ayala fouled Flemington at half with four seconds remaining. Nick then proceeded to heat the ball up and it hit the back of the net, as the crowd went crazy for REV, who had just tied the game 7-7 with 0:04 to play.

Ayala called a timeout, hoping to score, but after being unable to do so, the game was put into overtime of two three-minute quarters. Whichever team had the highest score at the end of the overtime period would win, with each team both only having one timeout.

In the first three minutes of overtime, Flemington’s shot put the Wildcats up 8-7. However, in the second overtime, Ayala scored one goal with 0:39 to play, while REV had no luck in scoring.

Still tied 8-8 at the end of the first two overtimes, both teams had to go golden goal, meaning that the first to score would win the game. The period consisted of no timeouts and 3:00 quarters.

Neither team could put a shot away in the first two sudden death quarters. In the fifth overtime #9 of Ayala would be ejected, putting Ayala in danger with less than 1:30 in the fifth overtime.

REV proceeded to pass the ball around until at the 1:06 mark, freshman Zach Arthur decided to take a shot and successfully scored. The crowd went crazy, as the Wildcats were now going to semi-finals after a thrilling win against the Ayala bulldogs.

REV would go on to defeat La Serna in the semi-finals, placing the Wildcats in the CIF Finals vs Claremont High School on Nov. 21.

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