CV’s Rossi Balances AP Classes and Football

Mark Rossi is a junior at Citrus Valley High School involved in quite a few outside activities including AP classes, link crew, and football. Rossi is a significant football player to the varsity football team here at Citrus Valley especially as an upperclassmen, and has helped contribute to the team immensely this year. 

Rossi started his journey with football during high school as a freshman, and has proven himself to be quite useful to the team. He is number 73 on the team and plays on the offensive line, as the right guard for the team.

Mark has successfully completed his junior football season while balancing both AP and honors classes. He even stated that being in both honors and AP classes as well as football “can definitely be hard and tiring but it has helped [him] work more efficiently throughout school.”

Mark states that he would like to “further his football career throughout college, but is still undecided as to where [he] will eventually end up.” Mark has many choices and decisions that he will have to make next year as a senior, and he would like to think thoroughly about them all before making a set in stone decision.

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