CV ASB Hosts Thanksgiving Lunch for Staff

Citrus Valley’s ASB hosted a Thanksgiving Lunch on Nov. 19 in the staff lounge. Associated student body members were asked to invite a staff member that they appreciate to this lunch. Once they get their food and drinks, they are seated with the staff member they invited and enjoy their meals. This lunch was a great way for students to interact with their teachers on campus.

Students were asked what their favorite thing was about the holidays. Many said being able to celebrate with family and others said the food. The atmosphere was very cheerful and it looked as if everyone was having a good time with students and teachers laughing and the smell of Thanksgiving in the room. Physical Education teacher Mrs.Honeyfield was asked what she was thankful for, and this is what she had to say, “I am thankful for my family and friends.”

ASB students host this Thanksgiving lunch to show that they are thankful for having the teachers and staff around to help them with school. This is also a great way to get students and teachers ready for Thanksgiving. ​

Adrienne Saldana with the staff member she invited, History teacher Ms. Caver

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