Zoe Richard Commits to Cal State Fullerton


Softball has been a huge part of Zoe Richard’s life ever since she was four years old. She started playing at Highland Little league as a toddler and has continued ever since. She has had eleven years of experience with the Corona Angels. Moving on to her high school career, Richard’s has been a part of the varsity softball team throughout all four years.

This past week, Richard was honored by committing to Cal State Fullerton. She was filled with excitement and explained the atmosphere of signing day felt unreal to her. As she takes her 13 years of experience to Cal State Fullerton, she hopes to be an all-American. Over the years, Richard has achieved some remarkable achievements. When asked about her proudest achievement, she replied with making “all-county and earning offensive MVP.”

Richard has learned valuable life lessons throughout her softball career. Softball has taught her how to be a fierce competitor and helped improve her skills as a whole due to meeting
new people along the way.

Before her commitment, she was determined to acquire a scholarship. Now that Richard has a scholarship under her belt, she is focused on making an impact at Cal State Fullerton.

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