US Sends Ground Troops to Fight against ISIS


​In 1999 The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, was formed. It went for years without gaining much attention, but after the fall of Taliban in 2001, the fall of Al-Qaeda in 2011 and the following U.S. troop withdrawal ISIS gained much strength. ISIS has now expanded throughout Iraq, Syria, and some of the neighboring countries. ISIS now controls 13,000 square miles of land, has an estimated 50,000 troops, and declares that America must be destroyed.

Until just a short time ago, America had taken little to no action against ISIS. The U.S. has sent advisors to help lead and train an anti-ISIS coalition as well as a militia of locals. The only other action the U.S. had taken, until recently, was conducting airstrikes against strategic locations. President Obama also made several points against sending actual U.S. troops to fight against ISIS. Although the U.S. led coalition saw some results, ISIS continued to thrive and even expand. However, in response to recent events in the area, such as Russia sending troops in with questionable intentions, the U.S. has sent in troops to fight against Syria.

Now, this is not a massive troop movement designed to destroy ISIS alone. The troops going in will number fifty men, at most. They are all highly trained Special Operations forces, whom are moving in to advise coalition forces and, if needed, carry out dangerous raids.

Republicans are arguing that this is a pointless, political move and that it will accomplish nothing, in contrast many Democrats are arguing this is just the first step down the slippery slope into another long, foreign war. Either way, anyone can view this as a major change in the United States anti-ISIS strategy.

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