Terror Strikes Paris


​Vive la France, pray for Paris, and renditions of France’s national anthem La Marseillaise have echoed across the world since the events of Friday the 13
th in Paris.  On that day, one of the worst terror attacks in recent memory occurred.  This attack was not in a largely unknown third world town, nor amidst the wars that have plagued the Middle East over the past few years.  This attack was carried out in the middle of the capital of one of the world’s most powerful nations.  It was in Paris, France. France, America’s first and one of our closest allies to this day.

This attack killed 129 people, and left hundreds more injured.  The attacks were carried out at four locations; a soccer stadium where the French and German national teams were playing, a packed concert hall, Bataclan restaurant, and outside a bar in the 11th district of Paris.  Of the estimated nine attackers, some were armed with machine guns, and other with bombs strapped to their chest.  Seven of those attackers are now dead, with the two other assumed to be alive and on the run.  The men who carried out these attacks seem to be a part of the terrorist group ISIS, of The Islamic State as they call themselves, as that is the group who within hours claimed responsibility for the attacks.  

How have France, the allies, and the world responded to the Paris attacks one might ask.  Millions, if not billions, of people in the world have gone into mourning for those lost in the attacks.  France has declared war on ISIS, and terrorism in general; in fact they have deployed an aircraft carrier to take action against the group.  Already, France has carried out extensive airstrikes to take out strategic locations and points of ISIS.  The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, and all members of the European Union have stated that they will stand by France in their war on terror, and shall support them.  Even the mysterious and large hacking-activist group Anonymous has declared war on ISIS and vowed to do all within their power to purge them from the face of the planet.

This event that hurt, killed, and horrified so many people across the world may have actually had a positive effect for many people of Western nations.  These attacks have united people across the world.  They have given reason and power to the United States led coalition against ISIS.  This attack has given many people a common cause, a common enemy.  Although speculation, this attack is thought by many to spur a retaliation that could bring the end of ISIS.

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  1. Very well written. I heard about the attack and was curious to know more about it and found the information I desired in this article. This article even created imagery for me and who does’t like imagery? Again, very well written. Thank you Aaron Hill.


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