New Discovery in King Tut’s Tomb


In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter made a massive discovery that changed the field of Egyptology forever. He discovered the untouched tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, in layman’s terms “King Tut”, which had not been opened for thousands of years.

A recent discovery has been made in King Tut’s tomb that could lead to further untouched riches. Egyptologists believe that behind two of the walls, the Eastern and Western walls, of Tut’s burial chamber lay two additional secret burial chambers. One of these tombs is thought to be that of the famous Nefertiti, and would likely be full of riches, as Tut’s was when it was discovered.

What does this discovery mean though? Well, it is making many archaeologists rethink their interpretation of the hieroglyphics and wall paintings found inside and around the tomb. If the tombs are in fact filled with artifacts and/or wall paintings with hieroglyphics than we will likely find new information about Egypt and about the inhabitants of the tomb.

It looks fairly certain that the there are tombs lying behind the walls. However, these walls are covered in paintings and hieroglyphics and many are reluctant to dig through them until there is no doubt that the tombs are there. Currently, radar testing is being carried out to determine if the chambers do lay behind the wall.

Although not all archaeologists currently agree that one of the tomb’s will contain Nefertiti, most agree that the burial chambers will be behind the wall of Tut’s tomb and that what is inside will be a major discovery for Egyptology.

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