Heroism Redefined In Beirut, Lebanon


​Heroism is often associated when individuals go out of their way and perform a task of bravery. Heroism has been redefined this past weekend in a very unfortunate circumstance. A hero was established in Beirut, Lebanon. A hero that saved hundreds of lives. A hero that redefined what it means to be a hero. This hero is Adel Termos.

On November 12, Adel Termos woke up with the intentions of it being another normal day in his homeland of Beirut, Lebanon. Termos was casually strolling down the street with his daughter when he witnessed the first suicide bomber release his explosives. It was in that moment, when Termos saw the second suicide bomber, that he knew his life would be drastically changed.

Within seconds, Termos made a courageous decision that many would contemplate for hours. Termos tackled the second suicide bomber. The bomb went off, and sadly killed Termos. This act of bravery is astonishing and very rare in today’s world. Not only did Termos save hundreds of lives, he saved his own daughter’s life as well.

At just 32 years old, Termos made the valiant decision that risking his life was worth others. Termos’ wife, Bassima Termos, was grateful for her husband’s bravery because it saved her daughter’s life and others.  Bassima Termos was happy to be, “Alive and happy and proud of [her] husband who held [their] family name up high and honored [them].”

Akram Termos, Adel’s father, is extremely proud of his son’s commitment to saving others. Akram reported to CNN that he is proud that his son is known as a hero in the city of Beirut and around the world. Akram is saddened by the loss of his son, but his content knowing “He has completed his religious duties as a martyr in the heavens.”

Termos saved not only hundreds of strangers, but his wife, six year old daughter Malak, and two year old son Akram. It is with a heavy heart that Termos was taken away at such a young age, but this situation serves as a constant reminder for the world today. Heroism comes in different ways; we must always remember to be thoughtful and caring towards others around us.

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