China Creates New Two-Child Policy


As the 2015 Plenary session of the Communist Party ended on October 29th, the new two-child policy quickly became a hot topic all over China. Here are some brief guides to the Chinese planned birth policy.

Ever since 1983, China has had the one-child policy, which allows most couples to have just one child. It worked very well to slow down the natural growth rate; however, it also brought problems such as the decrease of labor and aging society. As the want of more children of the whole society become stronger and stronger, China started to gradually allow some qualified families* to have two children; and finally the Communist Party of China discuss and pass the new two-child policy during the 2015 Plenary session of the Communist Party.

This new two-child policy opens up the opportunity for all couples to have two children, however, if mom already give birth to more than one children at the first time, they are not allowed to have the “second chance.”

Overall, most people appear to be very happy and excited about a second child; however, many families, especially in larger cities may give up the opportunity due to the extra expenses* that cost to have and raise a child.

Because of this reason, a professor from Nankai University, Dr. Yuan said the new population growth would not exceed six million and it should not bring too much impact to the population structure they already have.
People will have to follow the implementation of the government and response of the public to see the real impact of this new policy.

qualified families*: some areas had policies that allow a couple to have two children if one or both of the them are the only child of their parents.

extra expenses*: according data, the average cost to raise a child to six years old will be about 100,000 USD.

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