Cajon Pass Expecting Express Lanes


​Interstate 15 is considering the construction of express toll lanes within the Cajon pass. The benefits would be a form to manage performance, affecting those commuting and vacationing by 2024.
 The pass is gradually becoming improved by the new Devore ramps as well as the quick change motion barriers on the north and south bound lanes towards Oak Hill Road, which were estimated at a ten week construction plan that already exceeded its estimation since mid-October.

More construction will be inevitable with express lanes that would add two extra lanes in each direction. Transportation officials are discussing two possible options to aid traffic volumes. High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes that will permit road that will permit road management, the second option is express lanes. With the lack of funding for the HOV lanes, the express ways will be underway.

These lanes would charge motorists south of highway 60 to highway 395 located just past Oak Hill Road. The express lanes are expected to begin construction in 2021, be in use by 2024 and completed in the year 2026.

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