Citrus Valley’s Natalya Rigot talks volleyball

PictureNalaya Rigot (very left) blocks a pass.

Volleyball has been a huge part of Natalya Rigot’s life. Since she was eleven years old, she played for a club volleyball team called RVVC. Continuing into her high school career, she has been a four time varsity volleyball player for the Citrus Valley team.

​Her greatest achievement thus far is making first team all league as a freshmen on the varsity team. With these accomplishments, Rigot has learned valuable life lessons. Volleyball has taught her how to be a leader and push herself past her limits.Along with the lessons she has learned, Rigot has learned how important working hard is. When asked what has encouraged her to pursue volleyball for so many years, she said, “The competition and rewarding feeling after a difficult game has gotten [her] this far.” Rigot is also thankful for the amount of friends she has made throughout playing volleyball for eleven years.

Rigot does not plan to continue playing volleyball in college, because she wants to devote herself completely to her studies. Rigot hopes to become an RN nurse just like her sister.

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