The “New” Dr. Seuss


For the Creative Soul
By Katherine Snavely

Dallas Clayton is an author and illustrator of books “for children of all ages,” he paints murals and speaks publicly.

Dallas Clayton’s blog is full of art and inspirational quotes. I visit his blog frequently to see what new and creative things he has been working on. Many of his quotes are accompanied with simple but unique art work        

Dallas Clayton’s best known for his “An Awesome Bookseries” which includes An Awesome Book about dreaming big to encourage kids to think outside the box. “If I was a dinosaur and you were a jet there’s a chance a good chance that we’d never have met…But we aren’t all those things you’re you and I’m me and we’re together as together can be…I love you I love you in so many ways over thousands of years and billions of days”…. A few lines from his Awesome Book of Love.

Dallas Clayton’s writing is very lyrical and poetic. He covers issues that can be difficult for kids to understand in a way that is simple and easy to relate to. His writing seems to come from the heart and his motivation from the world around him.

Clayton has been deemed the “New” Dr. Seuss due to his crazy rhymes and unusual artwork, along with his ability to portray life in a whimsical way.

Go to to check out his blog to be inspired by his words and art or his website to read his books and learn more about him.

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