Student Feature: Ayetzy Presa is College Bound


So many students each and every day are flourishing in their academic studies, and are completing a tremendous amount of side work in clubs and outside activities in order to prosper and reach their goals in life.

Ayetzy Presa is a senior at Citrus Valley High School, and is a perfect example of a college bound senior who is determined and dedicated  to reach happiness and success in her life. She has participated in Speech and Debate, Mock trial, and has served as an editor and president of Key Club.

Outside of school Ayetzy is also apart of many other activities. She is a part of a Breakthrough Collaborative CHAMPS program at the University of Redlands, and has taken classes through John Hopkins CTY. The amount of extra-curricular activities Ayetzy is in involved in inside and outside of school has enhanced her abilities, and has proven that she works diligently and strives for success in her life.

As a senior in high school Ayetzy deals with the stress and the overwhelming pressure of four Advanced Placement classes. Not only is she enrolled in four AP’s she is also in the process of applying to colleges and scholarships. Ayetzy’s top two college choices as of right now are Franklin and Marshall College as well as Loyola Marymount University.

Ayetzy’s advice for her fellow peers would be to “try something new even if it scares you, it may just turn out to be something you love to do.” Trying new things out is never a bad idea, and it allows for new experiences and new things to come into your life that may just benefit you in the future. Her advice to incoming seniors would be to “start with applications early, have a ton of people read your essays, and apply for every scholarship, because there is no harm in it.” This advice is extremely helpful for incoming seniors who will be in her shoes next year, as it is never is too early to start thinking and planning for the future. The most important thing of all stated by Ayetzy is to “take time for your mental health.” Mental health is tremendously  important, especially for those high school students that are engulfed with stress. Taking time for yourself will benefit you in the end, and your success will come together as long as you try your best.

High school students like Ayetzy display a triumphant amount of character and leadership, as they work extremely hard in their academic studies, while also trying their hardest to be the best person that they can possibly be. High school isn’t easy, but students like Ayetzy have proven that it is possible to obtain success. In order to be successful one must be willing to balance their studies, and must also take the time to be happy. As Ayetzy stated “even though there may appear to be a ton of stress, it will all work out in the end.”

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