REV Girls Tennis Finishes Strong Season

REV girls tennis has never made it this far. After beating Hueneme High School 16-2 on Tuesday, Nov. 3,  they went on to the second round of CIF play-offs against the No. 2 seed in Division III, Santa Ynez High School the following Wednesday. Although they lost to SYHS 2-16, the girls and their coach still believe that they had a great season.

Even though they didn’t go too far in the play-offs, this year is still a golden year for them. Their overall record is 15-5, compared to 9-9 last year and 7-12 two years ago.

This is the third year Coach Stark has coached girls tennis at REV. “We want to build a team with spirit and leadership,” he said, “We don’t have a superstar; when someone falls, the next person is up.”

Even there is no “superstar” on the team, they really stress senior leadership and team bonding. This year, Jennifer Galleo and Emma Bohnert, the varsity No.1 singles and No. 1 doubles, are the senior captains. As the captains, they always lead stretch and cheers before the games, impressing the freshmen girls with passion and spirit so that they feel the honor of being  part of the family. “Yeah, we’re like sisters,” says Saumya Goyal, the varsity No. 3 doubles player.

Due to their strong bonding within the team, they achieved several new things. This year, they only lost to two other high schools in the league. They beat Citrus Valley High School and Cajon High School in both rounds, compared to 0-2 against Citrus Valley High School and 1-1 against Cajon High School last year.

“The girls had a great season,” said Coach Stark, “and now we’re looking forward to the next year.”    

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