Olivia Olvera Commits to La Sierra University


Olivia Olvera, Citrus Valley senior, has been playing softball for ten years. She has played the majority of her teen years on American Pastime, and prior to this she has played for Minor’s Gold. When she recently committed to La Sierra University she was extremely proud of herself for “accomplishing the goal [she] had set for [herself] nearly ten years ago, to play college softball.”

While playing for La Sierra University, she hopes “to not only improve [her] skills as a player but also get [her] degree in business or nursing.” Her greatest achievement so far is being able to commit to La Sierra University with her best friend, Zoe Richard. Softball has been a huge part of Olvera’s life. It has taught her “about competitiveness and responsibility.” She recalled, “forgetting her pants for far away tournaments always got [her] her into trouble, so [she] learned that responsibility was a necessity.”

Olvera continues to report the importance softball has over her life as a whole. Softball has made a huge impact to her life. She states “the friends [she] has made through softball [she] has kept [her] whole life.”

Olvera is immensely appreciative of all the people who have helped her get to where she is today.

The future Golden Eagle looks to be yet another great athlete to come from Citrus Valley High School.

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