Gonzalez Commits to New Mexico State

On October 25th, 2015, Redlands East Valley junior baseball player Robert Gonzalez committed to play Division I level baseball for New Mexico State University.   Robert announced his commitment to the university via social media, while in New Mexico.

When asked about the commitment, Gonzalez stated that he made the decision to commit this year due to, “the few amount of scholarships that are offered to juniors,” as well as it being a Division I college. He made this significant life decision with the help of his parents and his coaches. Robert, only being a 16 year-old junior, has now been playing baseball for eight years.

At REV, he has had the opportunity to compete at the freshman and varsity levels, successfully performing in both. Last year, as a sophomore pitcher and outfielder, Gonzalez played in twenty-seven out of a total twenty-eight games. He proved to be one of the top pitchers for the Wildcats, as he totaled a record of four wins and just one loss on the year. Gonzalez still has a long high school baseball career ahead of him. When asked about his future goals for these last two years, he answered: “I want to help keep the team motivated,” as well as “help the team succeed as much as I can.” Gonzalez looks forward to spending his time after high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, fulfilling his dream of playing Division I college baseball.
REV junior Robert Gonzalez commits to New Mexico State University

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