Getting to know Citrus Valley’s young JV water polo team

This year the Citrus Valley junior varsity water polo team had a great season with a 11-3 record, finishing second place in the league.They are a young team with many freshmen and the CV water polo program has a good future ahead of them in the upcoming seasons. Five of the JV players were asked each a question.Here are their answers:

What is the reason you chose to play water polo?
“I use to swim and it was new challenge.” Isaac Preciado, freshmen, #14

What do you enjoy the most about playing water polo?
“Just being with my teammates they are like family.” Roman Reed, freshmen, #7  

What is your favorite memory this from this season?
“The first game since it felt like we came together as a team.” Peyton Lacey, freshmen, #12  

If you were stranded on an island which teammate would you take with you and why?
“Hayden because I can rely on him.” Owen Freehling, junior, #8  

What are good qualities of successful teams?
“Communication and teamwork.” Nathan Parker, freshmen, #5

When Coach Hall was asked how she felt about JV water polo team’s performance this season, she said, “We had a very successful season. We had only lost to REV, so we got second place in league. Since we had a smaller team it was a lot fun getting to know them. I had twenty four last year, and I had eleven this year, so I enjoyed my team this year”.  

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