Column: Exploring the Meaning of Humanity

Discover Beauty
​​As human beings we all see the world in heterogeneous ways. We see things in different perspectives, beliefs, ideas, or thoughts that make up who we are as individuals.

Humanity can be seen as what illuminates the liveliness in us as human beings. According to dictionary reference it is “the quality or condition of human beings.”

When asked what the word means to me I would say that it means something more than its definition. I do believe it does have to deal with the quality and condition of us, but I find that it’s also the spark within us that makes us unique, and what makes us alive within the moment.

We are all different and unique in our own ways, and it’s truly a beautiful thing to see, as it is enhanced in the world we live in. It is truly remarkable how different we are, it makes for such a diverse world engulfed with a tremendous amount of beliefs, opinions, and ideas.

As a child I had no clue what humanity even meant, nor did I have an opinion of it. As I’ve grown older it has become more than just a simple word but a symbol of life. These words that I used to hear, these things that used to be said to me are now becoming actual things that deeply mean something to me. They are way more than just a simple word that I had heard everyday. I believe that this has come from my ability to grow as an individual that has allowed for me to enhance who I am, and each day I am able to discover new things about myself.

I personally feel that the ability to grow and prosper as a person is what keeps the humanity alive. It’s what makes life worth living for. I have found that it really does make a remarkable difference when we take the time to give the things in life we receive a meaning. Whether it just be an event or something as simple as a word or even a picture.

We all view and see things differently, and we all have a different outlook on life. When giving things a meaning we are allowing for new opinions to be introduced, and we are bringing in new information into the world. The beauty of this is triumphant and can be seen significantly throughout life as the world and population grow everyday. Not only is our population growing everyday, but so is the humanity of the people within the world. Humanity to me is a powerful word that makes up the world in which we live in. It may mean something completely different to you, and that is completely okay.

This world is engulfed with different perspectives on things and their meanings, and that’s what makes everyone and everything about this world so unique and diverse. No one else is exactly like you, and in my opinion that is a beautiful thing.

If you really think about it everyone has the ability to be extraordinary. We all have these extra pieces and things about us that make us different, and set us aside from other people. Most of us have a spark or a desire to achieve a certain desired goal or dream, and this is what keeps us going.

Our souls that lie within us enhance the beauty of life, and the beauty within us that allows for us to grow each and every day.

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