New Redlands Restaurant Offers Colombian Options


On Oct. 22, 2015 the new take-out restaurant in Redlands, called Empanada Planet, opened. Located at 175 E. Lugonia Ave., it promises a new food experience different from normal everyday options. With beans imported from Colombia, unique corn cakes called arepas, and the iconic empanadas, this restaurant hopse to bring a new influence to Redlands. 

With variety on the menu, this restaurant looks like a promising venture for anyone willing to try something new. The menu has a variety of traditional Colombian dishes that are meant to please all those who try it. From the different kinds of empanadas, such as chicken, beef, chicharron, and chorizo, to the typical authentic dishes served in Colombia, such as the Bandeja Tipica, which includes chicharron, chorizo, tostones, arepa, and the Colombian cargamanto beans. 

Providing customers with reasonable prices ranging from $1.60 to $20, the restaurant hopes to provide all with options they will enjoy.

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