Citrus Valley’s Mr. Fisher reflects on his life

By Layla Abbas

Mr. Fisher is known to be the most friendly teacher you could have at Citrus Valley High School. He has had quite an adventurous life and it all began when he graduated high school.

After he graduated high school he traveled overseas to Germany as a foreign exchange student. He lived there for a year and learned German. He came back to California and went to Valley Community College and took some classes in French. He realized he couldn’t learn much in a classroom, so he moved to France for almost two years.

He went to school in France for a little bit before moving back and earning some degrees at Cal State San Bernardino. At Cal State San Bernardino, he got his bachelors in French and German and a minor in theatre arts. He wanted to be a verbal translator but when he realized it was another six years of schooling he switched gears.

He took a  teaching job at Pacific High School where he taught German and French. When the drama teacher retired, he took her job. He taught drama at Pacific High School for about 14 years. He moved schools once again and came to Redlands High School. He taught theatre arts for about seven years. When he became aware that Citrus Valley was being opened he wanted to be apart of the formation.

He had experience reopening Pacific High School, so when he heard they were opening Citrus he wanted to be apart of it. He came to Citrus Valley High School and started teaching multimedia. When asked why he became a teacher he recalled his past jobs he has had. He was an assistant chef, worked in sales, and worked in construction. Out of all these jobs he found great joy giving back to people. He thought being a teacher would be cool because he would be able to work with students and do some creative stuff. His main goal was to, “help people with their lives and make it better.”

His degrees of German and French were originally because he wanted to get into translation. He soon discovered being a translator was not his ideal job. Teaching was a job he really liked, he would go home feeling happy about what he was doing.

Fisher started here at citrus when it opened and has been teaching for 27 years. Fisher recalls Citrus Valley High School as “one of the best places [he] has taught so far.” We thank Mr. Fisher for being a wonderful teacher at Citrus Valley for all these years.

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