Month: November 2015

REV’s Read ‘em ‘n’ Weep

By CASSANDRA BOULWARERead ‘em ‘n’ Weep is the new theme gracing Redlands East Valley’s library walls. This interactive theme is a collection of young adult novels that move students and teachers alike.Two boards are in the library both holding a ‘Sob-O-Meter’ with the numbers ranging from 1-10 while […]

Column: Transforming Frustration

Health: Mental, Physical and EmotionalBy MADDIE CHUNG “Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning to do afterward.” -Kurt Vonnegut, American authorIt is of general agreement that upon successfully accomplishing a goal, one feels pleased, and […]

The Purple Easel 

For the Creative SoulBy KATHERINE SNAVELY    Purple Easel is a place that teaches you how to paint.  I have been there before and the outcome of your piece is amazing even if you think you can’t paint. Almost everyone attends the class because they think they can’t paint, […]

Support REV Football Tonight!

Photo by TANNIS VINES By RYAN ARANDA​Calling all REV Wildcats!  Make sure you go cheer on your football team and defending CIF Champs tonight as they compete in the second round of the CIF-SS Playoffs against the Rancho Verde Mustangs. The game will be held at Rancho Verde […]

French Expands Options

By MATTHEW MIKHAILOV and DAVID MIKHAILIt is not unreasonable to assume that all those who think about their language choices in the long term choose Spanish. The simple reasoning is such: Spanish is slowly but surely surrounding our lives. And in thinking of all the possibilities using Spanish, many […]

Thank a Teacher

By VERONICA SUAZA ​Students recognize that each day comes with its own challenges. Trying to balance classes with sports, clubs, as well as family and social lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of that which is called “life.” Let’s not forget those special people […]

Rap Music Is Not Dead

By RYAN ARANDA Today, rap music is widely criticized by many people across the country, who hate on the genre’s continual loss of appeal over the years. There are numerous hip hop fans who are disappointed with the failure of young new artists to reflect similar styles of […]

Spanish is More Practical 

By AARON ANDREAS and ANDRES DOWNEY  ​Throughout a high school career students are tasked with taking a foreign language class. However, there is one question: Spanish or French? We will provide the evidence, the facts, the so called “concrete details” to show you why you should take Spanish instead of […]

Terror Strikes Paris

By AARON HILL ​ ​Vive la France, pray for Paris, and renditions of France’s national anthem La Marseillaise have echoed across the world since the events of Friday the 13th in Paris.  On that day, one of the worst terror attacks in recent memory occurred.  This attack was […]

New Discovery in King Tut’s Tomb

By AARON HILL In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter made a massive discovery that changed the field of Egyptology forever. He discovered the untouched tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, in layman’s terms “King Tut”, which had not been opened for thousands of years. A recent discovery has been made […]

Political Profiles 2015

By JONAS POGGI ​Donald Trump: Donald Trump is a real estate mogul from New York. His father is an immigrant from Poland. Trump is a businessman, who has excelled in his field.  He has authored several books, such as The Art of The Deal and Trump: How to […]

REV’S ASB Gives Thanks

Each ASB member invites a staff member of their choice to the Thanksgiving lunch and gives a short speech about why they selected them. Photo by BELLA HANLON By BELLA HANLON ​​On Nov. 19, 2015 Redlands East Valley’s Associated Student Body is celebrating Thanksgiving.   ​Each ASB student […]

Cajon Pass Expecting Express Lanes

By  CASSANDRA BOULWARE ​Interstate 15 is considering the construction of express toll lanes within the Cajon pass. The benefits would be a form to manage performance, affecting those commuting and vacationing by 2024.               The pass is gradually becoming improved by the new Devore ramps as well as the quick change […]

Annual Wildcat costume baseball game is a hit!

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The “New” Dr. Seuss

For the Creative SoulBy Katherine SnavelyDallas Clayton is an author and illustrator of books “for children of all ages,” he paints murals and speaks publicly.Dallas Clayton’s blog is full of art and inspirational quotes. I visit his blog frequently to see what new and creative things he has […]

He Named Me Malala Movie Review 

By: Paul Villagrana He Named Me Malala, is a first person view of Malala Yousafzai’s story about her actions and struggles through her young life. The movie begins with Malala speaking about the meaning of her name and how Malali, a historic figure of Afghanistan, was killed because […]

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NBA Players Impress Early in Season

HalftimeBy RYAN ARANDAAfter the long wait, the start of the National Basketball Association is now among us. While some unexpected teams have had strong starts to the season, there are also many players who have played well above expectations thus far. I’ll start off with Minnesota Timberwolves rookie […]

Gonzalez Commits to New Mexico State

By RYAN ARANDAOn October 25th, 2015, Redlands East Valley junior baseball player Robert Gonzalez committed to play Division I level baseball for New Mexico State University.   Robert announced his commitment to the university via social media, while in New Mexico. When asked about the commitment, Gonzalez stated […]