Recognizing hard-working students: Jeremy Rembulat

Misconceptions of high school students are ubiquitous. People believe students in high school have the easiest job in the world. In reality, high school students are working relentlessly every day in hopes of preparing for a bright future. One student in particular who embodies a diligent high school student is Jeremy Rembulat.

Jeremy Rembulat is a senior at Citrus Valley High School. He is currently involved in Key Club which is an international student-led organization. He is Citrus Valley’s Key Club President, and served as Vice President during his junior year. He is also a second year Link Crew Leader which strives to help freshmen transition easily into high school.

Involved in many extracurricular activities, Rembulat strives to be as organized as he possibly can be. He creates his own daily agenda on a generic note pad and prioritizes his tasks by importance. He also encourages marking down deadlines to become aware of when homework assignments need to be completed.

As a senior, Rembulat is busy applying to colleges and preparing for the next step. Rembulant’s top two colleges as of right now are UCLA and CSULB. He is open to any career that presents himself in the upcoming year, but is looking towards pursuing a job in the communications field.

His advice for high school students is to utilize the internet. Rembulat states, “Although we live in a technology oriented world, many people fail to recognize the power of the internet.” He encourages looking up lectures on Youtube. He encourages the use of Quizlet which allows you to make flashcards online. Quizlet allows flashcards to be virtual instead of carrying an abundance of cards around which can set you up to be unorganized. Rembulat states, “Implementing Quizlet will boost your work productivity and make learning a little less stressful.”

Hard working students like Jeremy exist all around us. In order to be successful one must contain organization and a drive to achieve their aspirations.

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