Column: Venture Out to Discover New Friendships

Discover Beauty 

In our lifetime we meet so many people, and everyday we see or meet someone new. Even though we get the opportunity to meet new people everyday, we tend to stick to our comfort zones and stick with the people we are comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with sticking by your closest friends, but venturing out and discovering new friendships is always a beautiful thing that may just enhance your life.

I’ve learned this quite a bit throughout my high school years as I began to meet new people, and discover who I was as a person. My freshman year I felt incredibly stuck, and I felt as if I had nothing in common with my friends from middle school  anymore. I began to realize it wasn’t their fault or mine, but it was just the fact that we were growing up and changing immensely.

I began to meet new people and venture out of my comfort zone. This was incredibly difficult for me due to my shyness, but I was able to overcome it and meet some amazing people along the way. I have learned the meaning of true friendship, and I have discovered the beauty that it brings along to life.

Meeting new people allowed for me to become a better person myself, as I surrounded myself with a great group of friends that encouraged me to do my best.   Life isn’t about living in a comfort zone, but about exploring and discovering the world and the people that surround you.

Throughout life we make connections and friendships with people, some last and some unfortunately do not. True friendships some may say are hard to find, but they are out there and they do exist. A true friendship in life is a beautiful gift that allows for us human beings to be connected, and allows for us to support each other along the way.

High school is an important time in our life as we begin to build our paths to life itself, and the amazing journeys in the future. It’s a critical point in our life, and a friend that can help support and encourage you along the way is an amazing thing.

The friends we have made all at one point started off as just strangers, random people we knew not a thing about. These strangers can become some of the most important people in your life if you give them the chance to be.

​A smile or friendly gesture goes a long way, some may not appreciate it, but that’s not in your control. Not everyone is going to be open with you or friendly back, but as long as you tried that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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