REV Swimmer Longfellow Commits to U of H

On November 11th, Redlands East Valley swimmer Emily Longfellow will be signing with the University of Houston.

Emily’s career as a swimmer has been phenomenal both as a member of the Redlands East Valley swim team and as a member of the Star swim team.

In the last three years on REV’s swim team, Emily has shattered 7 of the all time records in the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle, 200 IM, 100 free, 100 backstroke, 200 free relay, and the 400 free relay – due to Emily’s remarkable swimming and her efforts as a captain, Emily has received the Most Valuable Player Award for two years, Coach’s Award last year, and has gone to CIF for three years, leading the Redlands East Valley swim team to win the CBL title for the first time last year.

Not only does Emily succeed in the school swim team, she also has gone to the Junior Olympics for six years now.

With these swimming abilities, Emily caught the eye of many college swim coaches.

From September 25th to the 27th she visited the U of H campus. Emily felt she, “immediately connected with [the swim team] and they have the same goal in mind when it comes to the future of the swim program.”

Not only does this university have the swim team Emily was looking for, the college also has the psychology and doctorate program she is looking for. With the girls of the U of H “expects the season to go well and to see improvements,” Emily is eager to finally get to swim with the team next year.

Emily is on her way to being yet another great athlete to come from our community.

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