Newest season of American Horror Story  

By: Jessica Lopez

American Horror Story is an American horror television series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The television series is usually described as an anthology series which means each season its disparate set of characters, setting and storyline. American Horror Story has four seasons out already which are Murder House, Asylum, Coven, and Freak Show; its newest season is Hotel.
American Horror Story: Hotel was aired October 07, 2015 on FX. This season is a based on addiction, the state of being enslaved to a particular habit. The story of this season takes place in 2015 in Los Angeles, CA at the haunted Hotel Cortez. The wardens of the hotel include bloodsucking fashionista owner Elizabeth (Lady Gaga), front desk clerk (Kathy Bates), and the founder of the hotel, James March ( Evan Peters).
The first episode centers around the enigmatic Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California, that catches the eyes of a homicide detective (Bentley). Hotel Cortez is the host of strange and bizarre things. This season of American Horror Story features two murderous threats in the form of The Ten Commandments Killer, a serial offender that justifies his actions with biblical teachings; and the Addiction Demon who roams the halls of the hotel. According to creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy this season will be much darker than previous seasons. Inspiration for this season came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels in Los Angeles, with a reputation for sinister events.
The viewers of this television series are thrilled to find out what will happen throughout the season of American Horror Story Hotel.  Do not miss it every Wednesday night on FX at 10:00pm.

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