Crossfit Creates Confidence

By Annie Delgado
“Crossfit? Aren’t you worried about getting injured, or bulking up so much you look like a man?” This is one of the most common responses I get when people find out that I train at a local Crossfit gym. Crossfit is a program that focuses on improving lifestyles by working on an individual’s strength and conditioning. Crossfit has proven to change many people’s lives, including mine, but tends to get a lot of backlash from those who know nothing about the sport.

Crossfit has given me a new level of confidence that I did not know I had. When I first started this sport, both my parents and I had some concerns based on what we had heard about it. When I walked in, my crossfit trainer, who is now one of my biggest inspirations, greeted me and showed me all the warmups they do. I felt very comfortable from then on out. Along with gaining more knowledge about the sport, and gaining strength, I gained confidence. I am a teenager girl, of course I have my insecurities, but this has helped me to realize they are not important! I used to look in the mirror, and I did not really like what I saw. Crossfit has helped me to lose weight and gain muscle which has helped me to learn to like what I see in the mirror every morning.

Along with joining a crossfit gym, you are also joining a community. I have met some of the best people through this journey I’m on and they continue to lift me up and inspire me everyday. When you get near the end of the workout, they are right next to you cheering you on until you finish. These people now come to my races to cheer me on, and are currently helping me in my studies when I need it. This has helped me to gain confidence not only in my body physically, but mentally. There is always a group of people who are cheering me on, helping me finish a workout when I feel like I can’t, and inspiring me when I need it. The crossfit community has helped me to realize a mental confidence I never knew I had.

​Crossfit has also helped me gain a mental toughness. When I first walked into the gym and I was put into the fundamentals class, I saw the regular class going on and I was quite frightened. The people looked so intimidating and fierce, and to me the workouts in the fundamental class was hard enough! After being in the regular class for a few days, I realized that in this sport, you have to have a mental toughness because failure is inevitable. I had to learn that failing was okay, and it just helped me to want to work harder to achieve what I had failed before. This mental toughness I gained has helped me to be more positive in my sports, and in life in general. People are going to say things to try and bring you down, but if you have a mental toughness you realize that if you are confident in yourself, nobody can bring you down.

Joining my crossfit gym has been a huge gain for me. I am one of the younger members of the gym so I now have many people that I can look up to. I have physically and mentally grown in many ways. My confidence levels have grown, along with my mental strength. Physically, I have gone from a 100lb deadlift to a 205 lb deadlift, and I have gone up in weight in my other movements, as well. Crossfit has allowed me to see what I can do and make myself proud of who I am. Crossfit is a very controversial sport, but, it is one of the best things that has happened to me. I enjoy seeing myself getting stronger every week and the results that come along with that. Crossfit has changed my life.

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