Break the Norms and Make a Change

By Saumya Goyal

Imagine being a young child in a developing country. Imagine being uneducated, hungry, and illiterate. Imagine living in a world where you do not know how to read. Now think about how you could change that child’s life.

Growing up, I was influenced by my philanthropist parents. They taught me about how much one person could impact the world. I vividly remember being nearly 6 years old in India, crying in my mother’s arms because it pained me to see children my age begging on the street, starving. That day, my mother and father told me proudly that when I grew up, I had the power to change the world.

As a young child, I began to realize that the root of the problem was that these children were uneducated. 775 million people in the world cannot read and write over the third grade level. As a little girl who constantly read, I could not fathom the thought of children my age being unable to read. I promised myself that when I grew up, I would improve literacy and empower children.

Flash-forward to today—I have now been fortunate enough to start my own non-profit organization, Educate and Eradicate. I have raised thousands of dollars which will now go to opening schools in rural parts of India. I never thought I would be able to raise money to achieve something as significant as helping alleviate illiteracy, but I realized that I had nearly endless support. My goal is to open a school for one thousand children by next December.

Now it is your turn. Find something that makes you tick… something that urges you to make a change. It is easier than you think. With the support of your friends and family, you can easily make an impact on the world, whether it would be locally or internationally.

Sometimes we take our education for granted. We do not realize how fortunate we are to be able to read and write with ease. I believe that if we can educate children around the world, we can empower them to break the circuit of poverty. It is your chance to now impact the world and change the lives of children around the world.

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