CV JV Water Polo Coach Shares Motivations

By Jessica Lopez
What made you want to coach high school water polo?

Coach Hall: “I was originally going to teach elementary school kids, I was going to school to teach elementary kids and I started coaching water polo and it made decide that I wanted to be a high school teacher. So it’s kind of the other way around the teaching lead me to coaching high school.”

Did you play water polo in high school and if so how long and why did you play? 
Coach Hall: “Yes, I played water polo in high school for all four years and actually Coach Galloway was my coach for two years in high school. I started swimming when I was four years old and played softball when I was really young so it was a good combination of the two sports.”

How do you think this year’s water polo season is going? 
Coach Hall: “Good so far, for boys my JV team is undefeated and for my girls we started pre-season and I have thirty girls who have been coming to pre-season so it has been really good. I’m looking forward to girl season this year.”

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