REV Water Polo Prepares for RHS

By Dominic Rios
Questions for Nick Flemington (far Left), Winson Bi (Middle), and Ryan Williams (Far Right):

  1. What do you feel went well for REV during the varsity game against RHS?
  2. What do you feel the team can improve on for the next game against RHS?
  3. Do you feel the team will be ready to play RHS by the next game?
  4. What do you feel will be different next time you play RHS?

    5A. What was the best thing you saw when you were coaching the team during the game?
    5B. In your opinion what do you think you and the team are going to work on until the next game?
    6. What do you feel went wrong during the game that should have been done better to give REV the win against RHS?


Nick Flemington is a Freshman field player for the REV varsity water polo team. 

  1. During the game no matter what we always fought back and never gave up just because we were losing by 1 or 2 goals. 
  2. We needed to cover their best player better and our offense should have been better. 
  3. Yes we will be ready next time and we will have two more players who will be able to play in this game that did not play in the last game. 
  4. Our offense will have more strength next time. 
  5. We need to work on finishing our shots in the game and cover whoever is the main player and make sure he is never open alone. 
  6. We left their best guy open to often and we did not help our goalie with any shots that came from outside of five meters.

Winson Bi is a senior goalie for the REV varsity water polo team. 

  1. The game was pretty close and there wasn’t anything to critical against us.
  2. Although we could have put away our offensive opportunities. 
  3. Yes we will be ready to play RHS next time and we will maintain the same level as a team to pull it off. 
  4. The offensive play will be better by next game as long as we stay on the same level from a team standpoint. 
  5. I believe that we need to put the shots away and block more shots as a defensive team and as a goalie.
  6. I could have blocked more shots, we could have made better passes as a team and put our shots away.
Ryan Williams is the head coach for REV varsity water polo. 

  1. The team never gave up when they went down and they fought to try and keep going no matter what.
  2. We needed to put away our shots. 
  3. Yes the kids are going to be very prepared for the next game against RHS. 
  4. Our intensity as a team and defensive pressure will be a lot different next time around. 
  5. The freshman stepped up in order to guard the RHS seniors. 
  6. We needed to make more substitutions to rest the players who got tired at times so that they could be rested enough to finish the game.

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