Engineering Club Experiences “Phun” with Physics

By Ella Chang
​Have you ever heard that REV has an Engineering Club? Many people might think that engineering club is a geeky club; however, that’s not how the members see it. In Engineering Club, people mainly learn and practice how to do hand-on things. For example, they are working on a rocket project that they get into groups and build their own rocket. It’s not just a model, it can be launched. And they will have a contest after this project to find out who made the best rocket.

They’re working on this rocket project; however, it doesn’t mean that engineering is just rocket science.  Although the advisor Mr. Radoi probably can teach people rocket science, one of the charms of our Engineering Club is that everyone can build thing with their own hands. People can also personalize their rockets. Having the experience of creating something that belongs to and was made by you is quite fascinating.

People in Engineering Club don’t just stay in the rooms; they also go on several interesting trips every year. One of them is to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) of NASA which is located in Pasadena. JPL holds and open house event every year and this year is on the October 10th and 11th (this Saturday and Sunday). People can sign up for either day. And the advisors take them to spend a day there. Not just JPL, they also have another one to Disneyland California Adventure. They get to be there for about half of price for the ticket of the park. That day, they will be learning about the technology behind the fun for about three hours then enjoy the rest of the day in the park.

There are many more “Phun” events and activities coming up in Engineering Club, come to E101 on Tuesdays to learn more.

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