CV Volleyball Strives for League Championship

By Layla Abbas

After sweeping Yucaipa 3-0, Citrus Valley’s Varsity volleyball team continues to keep up this momentum as they take on some of their biggest rivals in the upcoming week. Alexis Cordova recalls the Yucaipa match as “[her] favorite win of the season, they are our biggest rivals and it was a tough game but we beat them in three and [she] was proud of [her] team. Captain Sierrah Long stated, “Every opponent we face is thought of as our biggest rival and [the team] plans on playing to the best of our abilities in order to win.” Coached by Tina Raddish, the team is ranked number four out of the nine teams in the Citrus Belt League standing. Filled with determination, the team looks forward to achieving more wins and accomplishments by the end of the season.

Having defeated Apple Valley, Redlands, Temecula Prep, Miller, and Cajon High School, the team knows what it takes to pull out a win. Tally Rigot, #9, is looking forward to “rivalry games against Yucaipa, RHS, and REV.” She hopes to become “league champs for the first time in the CBL.” The main advantage Citrus Valley’s team has over others is their unique bond. Nadia Syrko, #7, states, “Our team is really close as a whole so it’s very easy to motivate and encourage each other.” Captain Sierrah Long adds, “Volleyball is not an individual sport. In order for everything to run smoothly we all need to work together 100% of the time.” One thing that helps the team get pumped before a big game is the pregame music. Long states, “It is the key to our success, once we get pumped up we really work well together.” The team unity displayed is what holds everything together.

The team will look to continue their success on October 12th in a home league match against Eisenhower at 4:30.

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