NBA2k16 Game Review

NBA 2K16 Game Review

By: Ryan Aranda

The much anticipated “NBA 2K16” was released worldwide by 2K Sports on September 29th. However, if players chose to preorder the game, they were eligible to receive the game four days earlier, on September 25th. The game is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 for the price of $60, as well as being available on Microsoft Windows. Each player has the opportunity to choose which NBA star they would like to see on the cover of their game, with the options being reigning NBA MVP and Champion, Stephen Curry, as well as MVP candidate, James Harden, two time NBA All-Star, Anthony Davis, and finally, the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan.

In the actual gameplay, players create their own “MyPlayer,” in which they customize their player’s appearance as well as give basic information for him such as his name, position, height, etc. Gamers can then enter the game mode of “MyCareer,” where they can play as their own created character, and experience the journey that many current NBA players went through. Starting as a top recruit as a senior in high school, the player then plays through his senior year, and soon chooses which D-1 college they would like to attend to play basketball. After experiencing college, the players will have the opportunity to earn their star status in the NBA, all starting with their rookie year in the league. Gamers can choose to add attributes to their player throughout the course of their career. As well as skill additions, players may also add entertaining animations, such as pre-game routines or popular dances for their player to perform. “MyCareer” is a common fan-favorite game mode of NBA 2K.

Another quite popular game mode in “NBA 2K16” is “MyTeam.” First introduced in NBA 2K13, “MyTeam” allows the player to create their own ultimate basketball team, in which they earn or purchase players, coaches, jerseys, etc. With the virtual currency that gamers earn, they may choose to purchase in-game packs, which include a combination of a player, jersey, coach, and/or attribute boosts for their acquired players. Players have the opportunity to play challenges with their team, as well as face the MyTeams of friends and other gamers across the U.S., when connected to the internet. It’s no surprise that “MyTeam” is much enjoyed by all 2K players.

In addition to “MyTeam” and “MyCareer,” there are also the game modes of “MyGM” and “MyLeague.” In “MyGM,” players get to experience what real NBA GMs go through daily, as they control one team’s signing of players, trading, etc. on their way to competing for the NBA Championship. “MyLeague” is quite similar to this, but where “MyGM” is only single player, multiple players can play in the game mode of “MyLeague.” In addition to this, the mode also allows for more customization and flexibility of the player’s controls. “NBA 2K16” does an excellent job of creating multiple game modes for the players to customize their own in-game experience.

In the quick game mode, players can choose from NBA teams from past and present, including the newly added classic teams, such as the 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors, which features some of the best dunkers of all time in Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, the 2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers, which includes the dominant duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, and many more. In addition to the NBA teams, 2K also included 25 Euroleague teams for the player to choose from. The large number of teams to select from in quick game has greatly increased the popularity of the game mode.

Outside of the game modes, “NBA 2K16” also has an outstanding soundtrack. Created by DJ Premier, DJ Mustard, and DJ Khaled, the soundtrack includes top hits from popular artists, such as J. Cole, Drake, Nas, Jay-Z, and many more. The music may seem to have a minor effect on the game, but it proves to be quite the addition that the game needs.

“NBA 2K16” has received positive reception by gamers and critics worldwide, as it is the fastest selling game in the whole series. I encourage all gamers and sports enthusiasts to go and purchase “NBA 2K16” if you have not already done so; this is a game that will not want to miss out on.

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