For CV Sisters, Tennis is Love, Life

By Avery Johnston
Ever wonder what it would be like to become a world famous tennis player? Well, one may not be “world famous,” but could very well be school famous. Although tennis may seem like it’s easy, it takes far much more time to perfect. Tennis is known as the top fifth played sport in the world and could be played by anyone. I interviewed two Singles players as they answered various questions about the sport.

Although sisters, these players not only support each other, but also push each other to do the best that they could possibly do. Rachel and Marley Hildago have both been playing the sport since they were five years old.

Is tennis as easy as everyone believes it to be?

Marley Hidalgo: “No. I think that although most people assume it’s easy, the mental part of the game is what makes the sport challenging. It’s because the mentality is something that can’t be coached or taught. I got to a point after playing for ten years, where I realized the only person who could help me succeed in tennis was myself. Because the only thing keeping me from improving is myself.”

Rachel Hidalgo: “I don’t think so. It sounds strange saying that, but after ten years, I still walk onto the court everyday and think that it’s hard…There’s a different mental part of tennis that makes it hard, because at the end of the day, it’s only you on the court.”

What is your biggest difficulty?

They both had the answer of “focus.”

Marley Hidalgo: “My biggest difficulty would be staying focused in the point and not losing focus during a match.”

Rachel Hidalgo: “Tennis requires very focused energy and attention and I think that is what’s most difficult; staying focused through three sets.”

“What advice would you give to new or indecisive players?”

Marley Hidalgo: “Well I think I would say that is anyone would want to tryout or play, that they should just remember to do the best they can and to work hard, because it’ll all pay off in the end and makes the game so much more enjoyable.”

Rachel Hidalgo: “To anyone who wants to play, I think that they should just go for it. I’m not saying that it’ll be easy, but I do know that you would love it and you would be having so much fun. Even though some tennis seems like it’s easy as pie, as there’s so much more to it. Everyone should be able to try something new and tennis would be a great way to develop skills, make new friends, and to join a new family, so if you’re still having doubts, don’t join tennis.”

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