Beautiful Musical Recounts Tales of Morality

By: Ally Gzesh

The show was beautiful. Citrus Valley’s musical, GodSpell, is about Jesus telling his disciples stories about morality. In true musical fashion, the first act was filled with joy and cheerfulness, while the second act was overshadowed by Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.

The scene opens up with Jesus’s disciples wearing shirts that depict them as famous philosophers . They speak of human nature and how cruel it can be. When Judas appears, they shed their shirts and become Jesus’ 12  9 disciples. Judas grabs a bucket of water and with a sponge, blesses everyone. When Jesus finally arrives, Judas says he’d rather be blessed by Jesus, but being humble, Jesus instead insists that Judas wash his feet instead. After he dons his pure white shoes, he jumps into his stories, his disciples now becoming the characters and reenacting the stories.

Jesus then recounts the tales of sinners  who get saved, and religious people who think highly of their devotion to God, only to be dammed for their pride. He also recounts of the shepherd and his flock of sheep and goats, the lonely traveler who was mugged, only to be ignored by a priest and a judge, and was nursed back to health by a poor villager. He tells of a farmer who split his estate in two, and the older brother who sold it and squandered it in a city. He realized that he was in the wrong and came back to beg his father for forgiveness.

The show was filled with brilliant symbolism. The disciples wore pure white bandanas to show that they are Jesus’s followers, and throughout the play Jesus would give the disciples little white flowers that they would wear with pride. At the end of the play,during Jesus’s crucifixion, he removed his pair of white shoes, that remained a light while everything was emerged in darkness and despair.

Disciple Chris Lee says, “It’s really fun, and you should see it. There are lots of amazing people and it was a great  experience.”

Disciple Lindsay Ray says, “Such an honor to work with such an amazing production with so many great people and I hope you all enjoy the show.”

Jesus Christ D’angelo says, “It was awesome being Jesus, everyone was wild, and if you haven’t seen it you should come see it.”

I don’t know about you, but if Jesus tells you to watch GodSpell you should watch it.

GodSpell is currently showing at Citrus Valley High School located at 800 W. Pioneer Ave., Redlands.

Remaining show dates are Saturday, Oct. 10th  at 7pm and  Sunday, Oct. 11th  at 2pm.

General Admission $9; ASB/Senior Citizen $7 available at the door or by calling 909-799-2300 x35745

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