Be a Digital Artist for Free

For the Creative Soul
By Katherine Snavely

ArtRage is a Digital art program that makes your art look realistic when actually made digitally, you can download the sample for free. ArtRage is more for people who like painting there are many different paintbrushes and types of paint they give you to play around with. For example they have watercolor, acrylic, spraypaint, and oil paint that uses a palette knife. You are able to control the size of your brush and how much pressure you put on it along with how much paint you put on your brush.

Drawplus is more for graphic design. With this program you can make things like logos or animations, designs and technical drawings. Drawplus also comes with a variety of paint tools like pastel, charcoal, and spray brushes along with the common watercolor and more. You can use keyframe and also stop frame to make movement to your picture.

The GIMP is a photo and image manipulation program, you can retouch photos and put in image authoring. There is a new version of GEGL and babl the color lifting and space conversion of GIMP. GEGL now has many more image processing operations and old ones were improved.

Sketchup is a 3D drawing program. You begin with drawing and you go back and start to push and pull surfaces to make them 3D. There is a 3D warehouse filled with free 3D models so you don’t have to start from scratch, you can also turn models into documents. There are lots of tools to help you and extensions for 3D modeling.

Do you want to see other people’s digital art or see what you can do with digital art? Go to

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