Scott Walker Abandons Presidential Campaign

By Jonas Poggi
In a Monday afternoon press conference from his home state of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker announced that he was dropping out of the presidential race.

When the names of potential Republican front runners were being discussed earlier this year, Scott Walker’s was one of the most prevalent. When he confirmed his race over summer, Scott Walker had already shot to the top of the national Republican polls. But there was an unforeseen threat to Walker and the rest of his party. A threat that would cause Walker to quit the race, and urge other candidates to do the same.

Walker urged candidates to drop out of the race so that the remaining candidates and the voters can unite behind a single, leading candidate, one who will fight against their largest threat, Donald Trump.

Walker’s campaign had been fading for a long time. Walker plummeted in the polls after the first debate, and he plummeted even further down the ratings scale after the second one.

If other Republicans follow Walker’s lead, the road to the nomination will drastically change. Although at the moment, most of the candidates seem unwilling to do so.

With Perry leaving the race earlier this month, the Republican field has now been lowered to a meek fifteen candidates.

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