Players are Players, Unless they Play Video Games

By Aeline Gzesh
You’re a little child in a bedroom at midnight. Your only defense from the scariness is a small flashlight that can only do so much with the small monsters. The only way to keep the big ones from getting to you is to shut the door on them in time. But you didn’t listen close enough and you weren’t fast enough, and a big brown animatronic bear appears and kills you.

That was the everyday routine for YouTube Gamer Markiplier, after Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 came out. As of September 13, his first video of the series has over 5 million views and still gaining traction. But why are YouTube gamers still getting heat?

Last week Jimmy Kimmel made a comment on the new youtube network, YouTube Gaming, saying “[August 27] YouTube launched a new video network, where you can watch other people play video games. For real. The whole network is called ‘We should all be ashamed of ourselves, for failing as parents channel.” It was this comment, and more, that angered millions of fans all over the world. However, this wasn’t the first time that YouTube gamers were challenged.

YouTube Gamers are extremely popular, the YouTuber with the highest subscriber count being Swedish-born Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie. With over 39 million subscribers, he is most known for playing horror games. However, he also plays fan-made, and indie games. There are many other gamers who make a living out of playing video games online. A few examples are, RPGMinx, Aureylian, OMGItsFireFoxx, iiJeriichoii, CaptainSparklez, SyndicateHD, and more.

But what is the appeal to watching people play video games? Why not play them yourself? Yet, I must ask the same question to every sports fan. Especially those who go to the school games. Why do you watch a bunch of people, running around with a ball, trying to score points? Why don’t you just play the game yourself? All you have to do is get a ball of the sport of your choice, practice the sport not just for 30 minutes as is the government recommended, but for three to four hours daily, more as big games get closer. Learn the sport to a T, and perfect it. On top of all that practice you need to either buy a membership to a club or join your school team, buy cleats specific to your sport, a jock-strap and cup of you’re male, a sports bra if you’re female. You’ll need at least three uniforms, one for practice, one for home games, and one for away games.

Is all of this worth it just for you to truly enjoy the game? To play video games you need a game console, which can go as high as $200. As newer and better versions come out they might cost more. Buy a game of your choice, which may cost around $10-$60. Then, play the game start to finish, and when you’re done either keep the game and let it collect dust, or sell the game for a fraction of the price you bought it, not making a profit at all.

Watching other people play games is cheaper overall, wouldn’t you think?

5 Replies to “Players are Players, Unless they Play Video Games”

  1. You know what, I agree and I was hoping you would mention Mr.Sark


  2. I find it humorous that people say that video games are bad for your health and mind, when people said the exact same thing about books in the Middle Ages.


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