Interview with CV Cross Country’s Claire Graves

By Jessica Lopez
What inspired you to start running?
A: “I wanted to do a sport when I was in the 3rd grade and I joined running club at my school. The teacher told me I should probably do club and I did club. It carried into middle school and then I started running for high school.” 

If you weren’t running what would you be doing?
A: “ I would probably play softball or soccer to do a different sport.” 

If you could train with any olympic runner who would it be?
A: “Probably Matthew Centrowitz because he’s been on of my favorite runner since I was younger and I just like him a lot.” 

How do you stay focused during a race?
A: “I just try to think of what my goal is and what I’m trying to accomplish during the race, and think about what’s going on during the race and not anything else.” 

What keeps you motivated during a race?
A: “Probably looking forward to racing and winning races and knowing what I’ve accomplished and what I can accomplish with that motivation.”

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