How to Survive High School: Tips and Tricks

Now I am no Ned Bigby from Ned’s Declassified but I have survived three years of high school and three years of middle school. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you survive high school! First let’s organize this into four sections: Technology, Studying, What to bring to school, and Extra Tips.

Let’s start with technology. In the words of G. I.  Joe,  “knowing is half the battle.”. You need to know how to use your technology and how to use it to the fullest of your ability. Programs such as Google Docs and Google Drive are very beneficial programs to use, because they are free and easy to access. Google Docs lets you type up an essay on your phone and then continue it on your computer, it’s a cloud based word document maker. With this program, you and a friend can work on an essay at the same time and even share your essay with a person who can review over it and make corrections. Google Drive is an online flash drive where you can put your files and photos on to back them up. Next is Wolfram Alpha, it is a hyper-intelligent version of the google search engine. Here are some photos as you can see it even does math! Its also an app available for some phones.

Another topic is studying. Studying is hard to do because it can become tedious and boring. In the movie Big Hero 6, the idea of looking from a new perspective was talked about lot, but what does that mean? Sure it’s a movie, where anything is really possible but try looking up videos of other teachers explaining the topic or problem. Just seeing it from their view can really help you. Quizlet is also a life saver and yet another way to use technology wisely. It allows you to create a set of terms, learn them, make flashcards, test with them, and even play games with the terms you created. Using Quizlet you can study for that English vocab test by putting them into Quizlet and you can have it generate a test similar to what your test may look like. When you are studying try to keep your phone away from you, and to go over the material, or even ask help from a friend who understands it.

Next, is what you should bring to school. Sometimes you may need back-up supplies in case of emergencies. For example, bringing the power cord for your phone can be helpful at times. Especially when you realize that the battery on your phone is about to die, and you need your phone later on to take a picture of your homework. Next, you should always bring granola bars or something to snack on for 4th period, just in case you get hungry. You may also want to consider bringing back-up pencils in case your pencil gets stolen by the person you sit next to (sadly, this does happen). Lastly, always bring headphones. You never know when you might need to show your friends that really funny video that you shared on instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat or if you need your friends to hear your super fire mixtape. 

Lastly, some extra helpful tips are to come to school early! Traffic is insane and if you get there early, your friends  may even remind you that there was homework in your 1st period class that you totally forgot about. Coming to school early will never hurt! Use Friday night to recover from all that loss of sleep during the school week so by Monday you will have been well rested. Do your homework!  This way even if you didn’t study for that test, you know what is happening. Last but not least, take it from senior Brennen Means, “Make the best out of every situation. High school is only fun if you want to make it fun.”

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